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Scene at a microbrewery:

Waitress to PD: Would you like to try our new limited edition beer?
PD agrees.

After his first gulp, taken with much anticipation PD says, “Boy, am I glad that they made only limited amounts of this crap”


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Two months….

Two months without MTM….

Will be tough.

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Love letter

Dear PD,

Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four?


PS: I love you.

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Will talk about Lowe today. I haven’t met Lowe ever. Heard about him. Not too much. But yes.

Lowe loves RS. Has loved her for a while. And yes, in a very ‘I love her, and I know she likes me, but I know that she will never love me the way I love her’ way.
Lowe is a very quiet boy. A good boy. A helpful boy. A shy boy. A somewhat weak boy.
Lowe didn’t attend our marriage. He stayed back at home. He wept.
Lowe does not call RS or her sister on the phone anymore.
Lowe hasn’t moved on.

I recognize Lowe.
A very long while ago, about forteen years back, there was a very quiet boy. A shy boy. A good, helpful boy. A somewhat weak boy.

That boy was I.

I could have been Lowe.

And yet, I am Retro. And I love RS. And RS loves me.

And I am ok with the fact that there is a Lowe in this world. It doesn’t make my blood boil.

P.S. And since RS is married to me now, the moniker does not hold. So I will call her MTM, which is short for Married-to-Me. Bah, humbug!

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In which he forgets.

So, PD has already forgotten our wedding anniversary. Well, he didn’t forget as much as it skipped his mind that it was coming up on the same day that he is supposed to leave somewhere for work. It is a huge new step for us and our relationship — him forgetting the wedding anniversary. And I have already given him a total of 15 minutes of grief about it. I even sulked. Cool, eh?

Frankly, I am not the must-put-the-toilet-seat-down kinda person, but this?? I don’t know whether to laugh at the irony or to cry. Or whether to react at all.
We have never been the mushy types. He is not a romantic, I am not too big into demonstrations of affection either. We have had no anniversaries – no formal memories of first date, first this-and-that marked on a desk calendar. I don’t even remember the exact date on which he asked me out – we just sort of agreed. And the kind of shit we have been through together, any date seems superficial. (He did go down on one knee though – When? I don’t remember! How? I remember every little detail.)

To be honest, the wedding day wasn’t nearly the best day of my life. It was steeped in grief and chaos of an immense loss. He had his share of issues then. And yet, despite all that, it seems befitting to make an effort each year to add that extra candle on our cake, that extra feather in our hat, that we, as a couple, have made it.

And that we are happy.

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Time after time.

This blog alternates between “Lord, I got drunk what did I do?” to “Lord, I love PD so much” posts.

We are starved for choice, so we opt for the latter. I am convinced he is crazy. We have a clock in the bedroom that loses time. It has been running 45 minutes slow all this while. So usually when I wake up on weekdays, I add a random 30-45 mins to it, make an assumption about time, and go back to snoozing for two more minutes.

I woke up this morning to find a little note stuck on top of the clock saying “Time Fixed”. Instead of telling me, he just decided to stick a note. Really, am not cooking this up.

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Langkawi was fabulous. RS and I work well together as a couple. Not that we did not know it earlier, but just to confirm.

And now comes this fucken fucken twisted knee. Fucken ‘ell …… I will say that again. FUCKEN ‘ELL!

Last thing that should happen to a newly married.

Fucken Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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