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Mockingword, your rankings have been changed.

Changes in your ranks:

#3 best scientist (gained 1 place)
#4 best friend (lost 2 places)
#4 happiest (gained 1 place)
#4 most confident (lost 1 place)
#2 most studious (gained 1 place)

And then the piece of cake:

How others compared you recently:
• “Who can drink more“, you won 2 and lost 0 times.


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Drunk blogging was so 2007, I am told. (Or 2006? Who cares. ) But we, my self-absorbed-self and I are doing it again. There is a certain joy in this. PD snores his lungs out in the other room. My scarlet red halter neck top looked lovely tonight, with my black trousers. I am happy with my butt. For once in my life. Six days a week in the gym. It hurts. But it feels fab to have a butt which could potentially be called a booty. Someday.

So we go out for beers. We, my alcoholic self and I, can’t hold our beers anymore. Beer is officially off the table henceforth. It will be whisky or wine. After two standard pints, we drift and focus on the happenings of the week.

Work, mostly. It’s been generous. Super conversation with friends. Some amazingly witty ones. Some repartees that I would like to use again. And then two big pieces of news:


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This is the mandatory alcohol post for the week.

One is putting on weight. And one is attributing it all to alcohol, and work-related stress. One can’t count calories in stress, and hence one is counting calories in Alcohol.

1 Pint/568ml Lager – 230
1 Pint/568ml Lager, Low Alcohol 57
1 Pint/568ml Beer, Bitter 182
1 Pint/568ml Beer, Bitter, Low Alcohol 74
1 Shot/25ml Spirits, 37.5% Volume 48
1 Shot/25ml Spirits, 40% Volume 52
1 Glass/120ml Wine, Red 80
1 Glass/120ml Wine, White 77

If one has beer, one will land up having pints, and one pint too many, for sure. So its best to avoid beer. One is getting older and doesn’t digest spirits too well, . spirits don’t last too long and one lands up with a splitting headache the next morning. Moreover one hasn’t reached old age yet go for single malt appreciation sessions.

So one has decided to stick to wine – white wine (to lift up spirits) + the bubbly (when one is already in high spirits)

God, give me strength, while the sommelier brings me my chardonnay.

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