We are on a break

They all came and left in the same vein. I waited.

I don’t blame them, they had their reasons. Except, the problem with me is that everything affects me much more than the other person.
The problem with every other person is that they are as selfish as they should be.

I am really drained out. And unwilling to give anyone a chance, even this blog.

It maybe a week, it maybe a year. I might just come back tomorrow telling my stories. I might just wait for a year to collect enough mishaps

Until the time, I am ready again, this blog is going dark.


We are, really emotionally drained out.

This post is just a placeholder to remind us how it feels to be squeezed out like a sponge.

It’s always the whisky that talks. I mean I talk too, but whisky, mostly, inspires much articulate shit from someone who has a facade. Wish I didn’t need to describe under the influence of alcohol.

And yet, today is the kind of day when I am not afraid of my truths anymore. Ask me  anything, and I should be able to tell you with a straight face.

Beginning of the end.


I saw this guy (kid?) negotiating with the lady at 7-11. I missed the first part of the conversation, but from the looks of it, she was refusing to sell him beer.

She asks him for the ID.

He brandishes his school ID in front of her– “May 1992”, Now it’s July, I *am* 18.


Mockingword, your rankings have been changed.

Changes in your ranks:

#3 best scientist (gained 1 place)
#4 best friend (lost 2 places)
#4 happiest (gained 1 place)
#4 most confident (lost 1 place)
#2 most studious (gained 1 place)

And then the piece of cake:

How others compared you recently:
• “Who can drink more“, you won 2 and lost 0 times.


What do you see?

What do you see?

¡Que Guapo!

Retro, i see a cute football player, I have the hots for Cesc Fabregas. You only see the Arsenal shirt, don’t you?

At least give it to me, I find cute football players in the RIGHT team.

Torres was also being considered.

Fernando Torres.

Fernando Torres.


Edited to add: It’s not an order, or a wish. Just an incentive.